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The Podiatry Clinic

Level2, Symes de Silva House, 97-99 Courtenay Place, Wellington 6011

Ph: (04) 3846821

Fax: (04) 3847910

email: thepodiatryclinic@xtra.co.nz


Welcome to The Podiatry Clinic home page.

Here at The Podiatry Clinic we not only provide the best and most up to date clinical treatment of all of your foot related conditions, we supply a large range of modern foot related retail products too.

Our main objective is to provide you, our patients and clients, with the best and safest possible treatment and service whilst under our care both in our clinic and also once you return home.

Kathy Hitchcox and Trevor Tillotson have been practicing in the Te Aro region of downtown Wellington at The Podiatry Clinic for almost 40 years.

The practice is a general podiatric practice and both Kathy and Trevor have extensive experience treating corns, callus', thickened toe nails and ingrown toe nails. All age groups, from tiny children to the not so young, attend the clinic.

We specialise in the surgical correction of ingrown toe nails and the management of sports related injuries affecting the feet and legs.

You can find out more about the conditions we treat by looking at our Foot Conditions Page. We feel it is important to educate our patients about what they think they might be suffering from prior to attending. Take a look to see if your condition is given a mention. It may not be but that doesn't mean we know nothing about it ... as Kathy said recently ... "there's nothing we haven't dealt with over the years"

Due to pressure from our patients and also to satisfy the current trend for online shopping, we have opened up our Online Store. 

We call our store ... "Foot Stuff". We are adding new products weekly and have started off by offering our range of Gehwol Foot/Leg creams and salves which are the most requested of our products

e.g. we have a wide range of Gehwol Foot Creams & Balms and there's a Gewhol product for every foot type .

Unavailable outside of the podiatry profession, Gehwol products are unsurpassed for quality and guaranteed results in the area of skin products developed extensively for the feet and legs. Once tried, regular users keep on using their favourite Gehwol products by preference ... they get a bit panicky if they run out.

All of our products are available from our online store which you can check out during your visit to our site. Some of them you will find featured on this page

We aim to provide the safest and best available "Foot Stuff" designed to treat the specific condition for which they are intended.

Why not browse through our online product range (many of the products are only available from podiatrists) 

Watch our shop front for "Foot Stuff" being added to our Online Shopping Mall on a regular basis, we're happy to ship anywhere ... or drop us a line with any enquiries.



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