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The medical care of the foot is a specialist area of primary healthcare occupied by podiatric medicine and practised by podiatrists (historically known as chiropodists). In New Zealand the practice of podiatry is largely restricted to private practice with only a small section of the profession employed by the Government Health Service. Podiatrists are primary health care providers who specialise in the medical diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the foot and lower limbs. In order to lawfully practice Podiatric Medicine in New Zealand podiatrists must be registered with the Podiatrists Board of New Zealand and must hold a current Annual Practising Certificate.

Scope of Practice

At The Podiatry Clinic, we are registered with the NZ Ministry of Health (under the requirements of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003) to practice under the scope of - Podiatrist.
Our broad scope of practice allows us to provide a wide variation of treatment modalities for children, adults, athletes and non-athletes.Our treatments encompass general diagnosis and palliative treatment of common chronic conditions such as corns, calluses, toenail deformities, fungal nails and verrucae as well as providing specialist services in podiatric biomechanics/podiatric sports medicine and podiatric toenail and verruca surgery utilising local anaesthetics.

Please note that although we do still practice ingrown toe nail and verruca surgery, both Kathy and Trevor have retired from practicing advanced bone and joint surgery such as those procedures used to surgically correct hammer toes and bunions.
Podiatrist working on a foot
Podiatrist applying ointment on a foot

ACC Accredited Podiatric Surgeons & Orthotic Prescribers

Trevor Tillotson, Kathy Hitchcox are all accredited to provide ingrown toenail surgical services for patients on ACC, for injuries resulting in acute traumatic ingrown toenails, chronic or recurrent ingrown toenails with infection occurring as a result of an accident or trauma.As each case is different, there may be a small surcharge depending upon the extent of the injury.

You can find out more about ingrown toe nail surgery by clicking here to visit the Nail Surgery page on our website.

We are also authorised ACC Orthotic prescribers where foot orthotics are required to manage symptoms resulting from an accident which has been registered with and the claim accepted by ACC.

Podiatric Toenail & Verruca Surgery

We specialise in the surgical management of verrucae and correction of ingrown toenails utilising local analgesia, which alleviates the surgical risks associated with General Anaesthesia. Ingrown toe nail surgery is part of everyday practice for most registered podiatrists. The most utlised procedure is partial nail matrix ablation utilising phenol. This chemical ablation procedure has a very high success rate (up in the 98%ile). The cosmetic results are excellent and apart from the local anaesthetic injection relatively pain free post operatively. Each case is different and so individual surgical requirements are discussed with each patient at the time of consultation.

Podiatric Biomechanics 
and Sports Podiatry

We specialise in biomechanical assessment of foot and leg dysfunction/injury in athletes and non-athletes.
We utilise taping, muscle stretching/strengthening advice and podiatric orthoses (orthotic therapy) to manage acute injury and help prevent the damaging effects of ongoing chronic foot and leg dysfunction.
As in any clinical management each case is different and may require a different biomechanical treatment approach which is discussed at the time of consultation.
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